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New Beekeeper Resources

Local Associations

Most counties in the US have some type of beekeeping association. Their meetings are a great place to find advice and to learn about the timing for various hive management tasks (when to add honey supers, when to harvest, etc…) If you are in our area, consider stopping by one of our monthly meetings. We are always happy to see new faces at our meetings and to help you get started in beekeeping.

Surrounding county associations:

Bee School

Several of the local beekeeping associations offer a "Bee School". Usually, this is a series of classes, typically around 8-9 sessions. They are a great launching point, from which to begin your journey to becoming a successful beekeeper. Click here for information about our beekeeping class.

Honeybee Health Coalition

Check out the Honeybee Health Coalition's website to learn more about how to keep your honeybees healthy and productive. Their "How We Help Bees" section has some great resources on topics like general hive management, pest control, bee nutrition, and more.

Find a Good Book

There are more books on beekeeping than you will ever be able to read. Here are a couple of books to get you started.
Beekeeping For Dummies by Kim Flottum, editor of Bee Culture Magazine
ISBN-10: 0470430656
First Lessons in Beekeeping by Keith Delaplane, Professor of Entomology at the University of Georgia
ISBN-10: 0915698129

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