Honeybee Swarms

Swarm season in Cabarrus County starts around the first of April and runs through spring.  It is possible to have a fall swarm in our county, but it is very unlikely.

Contrary to common belief, swarms are fairly gentle.  They're really just looking for a new home.  Do the bees a favor, and call a local beekeeper.  They will be happy to come to collect the bees.

Typically a swarm will be in a mass, hanging from a branch or a surface.


It's also common to have many bees gather around a water source in the summer heat, like a swimming pool or your pet's water bowl.  This is not a swarm, just thirsty bees.

If you do in fact have a swarm, don't spray them with insecticide.  Instead, call your local beekeeper.  Several of our members would be happy to take them off your hands.

Before contacting one of our beekeepers, look over our guide to help you identify and distinguish honeybees from other insects.

Below is a list of our members that will be happy to collect any swarms. Our beekeepers do not charge for removing swarms.